What’s Hot In Bathroom Style?

Once a utilitarian room that focused only on its intended use, the modern bathroom has become a place of luxury, of sanctuary, of self-care. With that change has come a new world of design.

“If you want to impress someone, you have to do it in either the master bath or in the kitchen… The other rooms are basically just drywall and moldings on the wall. In the bathroom is where you can do those extra little features where you can make the quality of life better.”

We’ve got tips from bath expert Mike Caputo via WV News on what’s hot now!

Personalize it

Whether it be an extra-large bathtub or sit-down vanity, homeowners are customizing the bathroom to fit their life.

“The ladies like to pamper themselves in the master bath, and they’re looking for a design that meets all of their needs and requirements.”

The spa feeling at home

With the modern focus on self-care, more people are going for luxury in the bathroom with spa-like touches.

“You’ll see a little more creature comforts in there… The steam showers, whirlpool baths and things like that.”


In our modern life, we’re always doing multiple things at once, and the bathroom is no exception!

“People even put exercise equipment in their bathrooms… So they can get up, jump on a treadmill and then jump in the shower. People will even put a TV in there, it’s literally like a spa.”

High-end materials

Once the land of porcelain – porcelain tile, porcelain tub, porcelain sink, etc, etc – higher end materials have found their way into the bathroom.

“The natural stone look is really more popular now in the bathrooms than ever before… What I mean by that is stone facings on shower inserts and surrounds, thresholds, bench seats for walk-in showers, knee walls that separate the shower and the toilet.”


What are your favorite hot new bathroom trends? Let us know in the comments!