Vintage Bathroom

Got a really dated bathroom? Wainscotting, maybe? A big ol’ clawfoot tub you can’t (or won’t) part with?


With the trending interest in modern, spa-inspired bathrooms, don’t lose sight of other bathroom design styles. One of our favorites is the vintage bathroom.

Vintage decor is generally defined as incorporating accessories and other decor elements that are from or inspired by design eras less than 100 years old. Most design experts agree that once a decor item passes the century mark, it graduates to antique status — but prior to then, most will fit snugly in the vintage category.

With some tips from HGTV and some ideas from Pinterest, we can show you how to help your dated, otherwise blah bath become a vintage vision… or transform your more modern bathroom into a throwback showpiece!


You can’t disguise a clawfoot tub, so you have to embrace it. Make it a focal point with shelving. We love this old headboard turned wall shelf!


Paint the tub! You don’t have to leave it white, you can tie it into the color scheme in your bathroom!


Add elements of wood. A small side table, a wooden chair… they add warmth, and contribute to the old fashioned feel.


When it comes to individual decor elements, a great place to start incorporating vintage items into your bathroom design is on the walls. Wallpaper featuring chic, soothing, subtle prints in floral or pastoral themes would feel right at home in a 1930s or 1940s bathroom, and it can make a great addition to yours as well.


Make a striking visual statement with an ornate, vintage mirror. Also consider wall sconces and chandelier lighting to complete the effect.


So embrace your older bathroom, clawfoot tub and all, and make it a historical and charming vintage bathroom!