Turn Your Bathroom Into a DISCO!!!

♫♩ Blinded by the light…
Startled by the flooosh in the middle of the night! ♪♫

Ok, so that’s silly… but it’s also FUN! And we found something both silly and fun that we wanted to share with you. The IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light!


We’ve all been there… stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night, trying to decide whether to feel your way or suffer retina burns from turning on the overhead light… hoping you don’t fall in.

Well, as someone famous once said, “Let there be light!”


All you have to do is clip this unit to the side of your toilet. It’s universal to fit any toilet and splash proof for easy cleaning. It’s also motion-activated, so as soon as someone enters the bathroom, PRESTO – light show!

According to BoingBoing (where this little wonder is currently on sale), you can choose between eight colors or allow the rotate feature to gently strobe through different LED hues. Check out the video!


And if that’s not enough excitement for you, we have a suggestion…

As part of our “Handy Bathroom Hacks 2”, we told you how to turn your bathroom sink into a giant speaker/amplifier. Remember? Just place your smart phone in a DRY sink (we put ours in a plastic zip bag, just in case) and turn on your favorite tunes!

Now you’ve got the mood lighting AND the music you need to turn your bathroom into your own private (we sincerely hope) disco!

Boogie down!