Think PINK!

If you do much research into design trends, you’ll quickly notice that not every designer is in agreement… This one says gray is out, that one says it’s the choice for today. The one swears by geometric pattern, the other insists floral is the way to go. (It’s almost like these “experts” are as individual and different as the people reading their opinions. Hmmm…)

So when you find multiple designers actually agreeing on a trend, it may be time to listen. And what we’re hearing over and over is think PINK for your bathroom.

Now, when you think of pink in the bathroom, certain images may spring to mind.

Like this.

pink bathroom 50's bath fitter

Or this.

old pink bathroom 50's bath fitter

Or worse… this.

barbie pink bathroom bath fitter

We joke. But the pink craze didn’t begin with Barbie. It was actually First Lady Mamie Eisenhower who brought her favorite color to the White House in 1953, and the rest of America followed along.

When Mrs. Eisenhower redecorated the Presidential living quarters in pink, the press took to calling it “The Pink Palace”. And marketers were quick to hop on board with shades like “Mamie Pink” and even “First Lady Pink”. A trend was born that continues in some of our grandmothers’ houses to this day.

There’s even a movement to save all those iconic pink bathrooms of post-war vintage. (Those that haven’t already been redone and lost.) is dedicated to the preservation of Mamie Pink bathrooms, and even offers tips for decorating them.

And now, like always happens eventually in the world of fashion, those pink bathrooms that went out of style are making a comeback.

Some are completely modern, with only the color thrown back to vintage.

modern pink bathroom bath fitter


modern pink bathroom bathtub bath fitter


And some are going for a complete retro style, picking up not only the color scheme from those vintage bathrooms, but the overall feel.

modern pink bathroom vintage feel bath fitter


modern pink bathroom sink bath fitter


Now, we’re not advising you to run out and purchase a pink toilet. The average toilet can last fifty years, and that’s quite a commitment to any color scheme! But you may want to consider adding elements of pink to your bathroom décor. Not only is pink pretty hot right now (meaning you’ll find a lot of options for decorating), but it’s a highly flattering color. Pink tends to add a youthful, healthy appearance to skin tones (pink lighting is an old photographer’s trick), which means you’ll look good even brushing your teeth!

So with all that in mind, when it comes to the PINK, what do you THINK? Let us know in the comments!