Bathroom Renovation Tips to Save You Time and Money!

Planning (or hoping) for a bathroom remodel in the New Year? It doesn’t have to take a lifetime OR cost you a fortune. We’ve got tips, via The Shreveport Times, that can save you time AND money!

Leave Things Alone

That sounds counter-intuitive, but hear us out. You can create tremendous visual changes without rearranging your entire bathroom. It is possible, and cost-effective, to upgrade your sink/toilet/tub without the added expense of moving them to a different spot in the room.

Get Smart on Showers

All-in-one shower units generally are less expensive than tiled showers, and they can be installed by a single company, so you don’t have to hire lots of contractors to put your new shower together.

Fake ‘Em Out

You can get the look of wood or stone without the cost. Faux materials (acrylic, vinyl and laminated products) are very realistic, less expensive, and usually more suited to the climate of your bathroom than natural materials.


You may not be qualified to work on the plumbing or electric during your remodel, but you can paint. You’ll save some money, and have a sense of accomplishment!

And here’s a little painter’s tip, should you decide to try… Get one of those tiny, foam rollers. You won’t want to use it for the entire room, but it will save you some contortions and profanity when it comes time to paint behind the toilet tank.

Call In an Expert

Consider an interior designer. Some contractors have them on staff. Not only will they do much of the shopping for you, but their expertise can help prevent changes after the remodel is complete.

One Big Change

If you’re on a budget and can’t remodel the whole room at once, consider replacing just the shower/bathtub, the shower surround and the shower door. Then, you can spruce up the rest of the room with cosmetic changes by replacing towel racks and door knobs.

Fortunately, for both the shower unit and the bathtub replacement, we know some folks who can help you out. Give us a call for a free in-home estimate!