Bathroom Updates To Make Your Home Sell Faster!

Thinking about selling your home? Before you let potential buyers walk through all the rooms, do so yourself. Take a good, hard look, especially at your bathrooms.

What do the bathrooms say about your house? Do they say “buy me now” or “no thanks”? If it’s the latter, then it’s time for a few home improvements that will turn the sale of your house from stale to sold.

We have expert advice from CJOnline on where to focus your efforts.

Start from the bottom.

Replace your flooring. If you have dated tile, or worse (worst!) carpeting in the bathroom, you definitely want to upgrade. Very little is as universally disgusting to people as wet bathroom carpet.

Alternately, hardwood floors can add a more current, upgraded touch and can be achieved with water- and stain-resistant ceramic tile that looks like hardwood.

Lighten up.

Ditch the bare-bulb vanities or seventies sconces, and bring in more modern lighting.

Proper lighting is essential in any bathroom, and up-to-date light fixtures are a great way to increase the wow factor for potential buyers.

Tap into modern design.

Cheap, chrome-painted plastic faucets and knobs look like exactly what they are. Same with the faux-brass that should have been retired when disco died.

If your space is guilty, try replacing the existing faucet with a widespread or single-handle model in popular polished chrome or brushed nickel finishes.

Replace your vanity.

The vanity sink is a focal point. Make sure your old-fashioned formica isn’t giving the wrong impression.

Replacing your old sink with a newer style helps ensure your bathroom isn’t left behind. Home buyers notice sinks, and this is one project you should tackle for higher return when you sell.

Remember the reason for the room.

It’s all in the name… bathroom. Upgrade your shower, bath, or both, and turn it into a whole new room!


Can you think of other tips to help the bathroom sell the house? Let us know in the comments!