How Much Should You Budget For Your Bathroom Remodel?

So you’ve decided to remodel! Sooo many decisions lay ahead! What changes do you want or need the most? Which would you most like to see? And, most importantly, what is this going to cost?

We can’t help you with the personal choices, but we can give you a ballpark on the renovation costs, via the Providence Journal. The total cost of a bathroom remodel depends, of course, on what changes you’re planning to make, with the average being $6,000 – $14,000. See where your wish list puts you.

Modest budget

With a budget of around $2,500, you can give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint, upgrade the toilet and sink, add new decor and update the lighting.

DIYing part of the list reduces costs even more, and allows for additional purchases or changes.

Average budget

For closer to $10,000, you can swap out surfaces and fixtures, so long as you don’t move plumbing or electrical. You can get new cabinetry, flooring and countertop materials — and even upgrade to a curbless walk-in shower.

Now, if you’re like us, there’s a huuuge difference in the bank account between the modest and average budgets named. That means you could fit a couple of extra things into a ‘not-totally-modest-budget’ without the larger upgrades.

Luxury budget

With a budget of around $24,000, you can move plumbing fixtures, invest in high-end flooring and countertop materials, and install new, custom-made cabinetry. You can also add tile installations, radiant floor heating and a luxury shower.

Again, there’s a pretty wide gap between average and luxury budgets here. Radiant heat isn’t out of reach just because you can’t afford a $24,000 reno… just skip the custom cabinetry.


Have you recently remodeled your bathroom? We’re interested to know which range you fell into, and whether you have advice on getting the most out of your budget! Let us know in the comments!