Bathroom Trends You Should Let Pass You By

Planning a bathroom remodel can be exciting! You get to make your room… well… your room! And you’ve likely been flipping through magazines (or past web pages) trying to find the trend you want.

But before you get too caught up, bear in mind that there are some trends you should let pass you by. Houselogic has some examples.


Hardwood floors have made a comeback in a really big way. Where once wall-to-wall carpeting was the homeowner “must have”, now it’s hardwood. Sadly, wood flooring has no more business in a bathroom than carpeting.

“It will warp next to a shower or tub if not dried after each use… Also, tile is more sanitary.”

You can get some amazing wood-look tiles in porcelain or vinyl to get the look without the rot.

Vintage Vanities

Another big trend is using “found” items or thrift furniture for a bathroom vanity, in an effort to achieve the popular vintage look.

Since wood and water don’t mix well, you’ll need to keep doing upkeep, sealing it on a regular basis, just like you do a deck or a butcher block.

If you don’t want the maintenance you could opt for a glass or granite top. Or just purchase a vanity that was designed for bathroom use in the first place.


Adding color to a bathroom is a good idea. Unless you’re talking about plumbing fixtures. Then you’re best off to stick with white on white.

Color can also make bathrooms — typically the smallest rooms in the house — seem even smaller. And if you bake color in with tile and porcelain built-ins, that’s a commitment you might regret when you’re ready to sell.

Just think how many people are still trying to get rid of their Mamie pink bathrooms from the fifties.

Tiny Tiles

Small tiles, in a pattern or mosaic, can be breathtakingly beautiful. They’re also a lot of work. A LOT of work.

Those tiny tiles mean there’s more grout to clean and maintain.

If you can think of 24,305 other things you’d rather do with your time than clean and replace grout, it might not be for you.


Can you think of other trends you’d just as soon take a pass on? Let us know in the comments! Maybe you’ll save someone from a choice they’ll regret!