Bring Your Bathroom Back To Life

Is your bathroom… well… blah?

You know what we mean. Not really needing a remodel (yet), but boring. Behind the times. Blah.

Thankfully there are easy – and inexpensive! – ways to freshen up that dated bath while keeping it warm and welcoming. We’ve got tips from Houzz, via Fox News, to help!

Warm things up

Switch out your silver-toned finishes for gold-toned accessories for instant warmth. The now-popular chrome and stainless surfaces, combined with typical white porcelain bathroom features, have a feel that is clean but cold. There are other advantages to changing finishes as well.

The fact that metals like brass or bronze have a bit of color in them helps hide typical bathroom blemishes like water spotting and fingerprints.

Pick a pattern

You hear a lot about “statement colors” in decorating, but not everyone is big on bold hues. Make a statement in your bathroom with pattern instead of color.

Pattern draws the eye in and keeps it moving, which gives a room a sense of energy. Consider choosing a tile in an interesting angular shape, such as classic chevron or a hexagon.

And because bathrooms are generally small spaces, it’s the perfect place to make big impact with a minimal investment. Splurge on an eye-catching tile that might be cost-prohibitive in another room!

Reconsider rugs

Carpet in the bathroom is a universal no-no, and because of that the trend has turned away from rugs as well. But there are good reasons to reconsider the sacrifice.

Besides giving you a cushy place to plant your feet (especially appreciated on cold winter mornings), a rug can also add some color, pattern and texture, making it a decor triple threat.

Because moisture is an issue in the bathroom, shop smart. Buy a rug made of synthetic fibers (olefin is a good choice), and make sure it’s machine washable.


If you’ve got tips of your own, drop them in the comments! We’d love to hear more!