Danger in the Bathroom!

Do not go in the bathroom! It’s a dangerous place!

Except… that’s not really an option, is it? You have to go in there. We all do. (Not all at once, thank goodness, but you know what we mean.)

And yet, according to the BBC, the bathroom is a space filled with unexpected dangers!


But since you’ve no choice – and neither do we – let’s have a look at some unexpected dangers you should beware in the bathroom, and see if we can’t manage to avoid mortal peril.

Ban the bar!

You don’t really think of soap as being dangerous. (Unless it gets in your eyes, we suppose.) But although soap is intended to make you clean, it can actually be quite dirty.

“Bacteria can sit on soap and move from person to person – common or garden things like E.coli…

If someone from outside the family grouping has a new bug or one of the family members picks up a bug, then the bathroom is an ideal place for it to reside and spread to the rest of the family.”

Switch to liquid soap in a pump bottle, and wipe the pump handle every time you clean the sink and counter.

Ditch the duck of doom!

That cute little yellow guy in the corner of your tub is a germ-filled-wolf in duck’s clothing. Or something.

A study has suggested that rubber ducks harbour potentially disease-carrying bacteria which could make children, and adults, ill.

If you can’t do without a duckie, find one with a solid bottom so that it doesn’t allow water and bacteria inside.

Toss the towels!

Hand towels in the bathroom seem like common courtesy. After all, you want everyone who goes in to wash their hands, so it makes sense to provide a towel.

“That is best avoided. Germs can sit on a towel for hours. In fact a towel is rather a good spot for them to be sitting as it’s in a slightly damp atmosphere.

I’d advise using a few paper towels to throw in the bin, or individual towels.”

Nowadays you can even buy a little box of paper towels to put on the bathroom sink!


So… Dirty soap, deadly ducks, and germ-ridden towels. Avoid those things, and your time in the bathroom will be safe.