Bathroom Trends to Watch for 2019!

A new year is coming, and as always that brings a whole list of new trends to watch! Houzz recently surveyed 1,144 homeowners and we’ve got a list, courtesy of Think Realty, of which ones you might spot in the bathroom… or try out for yourself!

 Welcome to the Farm!

If you thought the farmhouse bathroom trend was going anywhere, you should think again. If anything, it’s growing in popularity!

Farmhouse style — characterized by warmth, natural textures, and materials like wood or galvanized steel — has more than doubled in popularity, from 3 percent in 2016 to 7 percent in 2018.

Aging gracefully!

When it comes to our bodies and our lives, Americans do anything but age gracefully. We want to extend our fun and our comfort (and preferably our looks!) as long as possible. But when it comes to our bathrooms, we’re planning for the future a little more realistically.

About 56 percent of Baby Boomers surveyed say they’re addressing current aging needs or planning ahead for future needs. Nearly half of those surveyed change the bathroom layout and a third remove the bathtub — 47 and 34 percent, respectively. Other upgrades include such features as seats, low curbs, grab bars and non-slide floors in upgraded showers and bathtubs.

Shades of Gray!

Bathrooms have long been a place of whiteness… white on white on white. The spa trend brought soft tones into the room, and currently gray reigns supreme.

Gray remains the most popular color for bathroom walls and floors, according to the survey. Gray cabinets are also gaining popularity, climbing from a 10 percent share in 2016 to 16 percent in 2018.

Look at the BIG Picture!

Many homeowners are looking beyond the master bath, right into their bedrooms.

About half — 46 percent — of master bathroom projects also were accompanied by master bedroom renovations, according to the survey. More renovating homeowners are beefing up the size of their bathrooms, too, as about one in ten master bathrooms is the same size or larger than the master bedroom.


So what do you think? Are there other trends you’d like to see for 2019? Any you’d like to leave behind when we enter the new year? Tell us in the comments!