Still More 2018 Bathroom Trends!

When it comes to bathroom trends, the more things change, the more they stay the same! We’ve brought you some 2018 Bathroom Trends, then some More 2018 Bathroom Trends, and now we offer Still More 2018 Bathroom Trends! Special thanks to Houzz (via for a few new ideas mixed in with trends that have stood (so fat at least!) the test of time!

Scandi is the scoop!

Minimalist Scandinavian style came to the forefront with the rise of Ikea, and has remained a hit.

“When it comes to the preferred bathroom look and feel for 2018, our research tells us that Nordic minimal is still our number one go-to trend,” says Santilli. “People love it because it’s clean, simple and high impact, plus it can be achieved on all budgets.”

Think blonde wood, sharp corners, and an uncluttered look.


It’s a thing.

Designers everywhere are embracing and celebrating the warmth and tactility of natural finishes. It’s a design trend that ties in with the current notion of wabi-sabi – the appreciation of imperfections within materials.

Furniture, vanities, and more can be manufactured from reclaimed or recycled timbers, to give your bathroom a touch of texture and character.

Instead of hiding natural shade variation, 2018 bathroom trends celebrate the intense mix of organic materials and their distinct designs. From limestone, cement, terrazzo and timber lookalike tiles, to large-format slabs and natural stone, variation is the necessary and celebrated focal point of 2018.

Color makes a comeback!

Once the whitest room in any home, the bathroom is now a spot of color!

“We’re seeing colour in tiles, grout, stone and even in high-gloss vanity joinery…”

Just keep in mind that while walls are easily painted or papered over, tiles and grout are going to be around awhile.

Tip: Generally speaking, bathroom renovations are expected to last at least 10 years, which is why timeless, neutral colour schemes tend to dominate.

You can always bring color into an otherwise neutral room through rugs or artwork or other accessories, and change them with the trends!