Save Some More Cash When You Remodel the Bathroom!

We recently shared some tips, via The Inscriber Mag, on how to save money while remodeling your bathroom.They offered advice on planning, hiring a contractor, and how to save a chunk of money by simply not moving your plumbing fixtures around!

Well, now we’re going to help you save some more cash when you renovate the bath!

Take a Seat!

The toilet seat, that is! Take it and throw it away! Replacing your toilet seat (which also comes with a new lid) is a quick and easy way to freshen up the bathroom a little bit! Best of all, many new models don’t even require a screwdriver. You can swap it out with just your hands!

Tank the Tile!

You don’t need floor to ceiling tile in the bathroom. In fact, all-over tile makes it harder to change the look of your bath down the road, should the urge strike. Consider alternatives like reclaimed wood panels! Even beadboard will update the room, while giving you the option to paint it any color you want at another time.

Let There Be Light!

The builder-grade lighting that probably came with your original room is utilitarian… and that’s usually all. Look for custom lighting! Not only can you find fixtures that are more aesthetically appealing even when the lights are off, but you can customize the light itself. Invest in a dimmer switch for the overhead light, and get specialized lights for the vanity, the shower, and wherever you need extra light in the bathroom!

Paint It Perfect!

Paint is an inexpensive, and relatively fast, way to change the look of any room – and you don’t have to be an expert to pull it off! Find a paint made for high-moisture environments, and pick your color scheme. You could even paint the vanity to bring it up to date without replacement!


Do you have any tips you’ve used to get a new look without breaking the bank? Share them in the comments!