Lighting Tips To Brighten Your Bath

The days of a single overhead light fixture in the bathroom are gone! And that’s good news for multiple reasons, including the fact that nobody looks good in overhead light. Bathrooms need customized lighting.

We’ve got tips via Forbes that will help you brighten your bath while boosting its style.

Layers of Light

Did you know that lighting can be layered? Your bathroom should have three separate layers of light.

To ensure that light is distributed evenly, opt for a combination of ambient light in the form of chandeliers, pendants or flush mounts, a second layer — task lighting that’s ideal for daily grooming activities like applying makeup or shaving — and a third layer, accent lighting, which is designed to highlight the bathroom’s architectural features and decor.

Consider Your Finishes

The most versatile finishes for fixtures are chrome and brass, since they’re easier to pair with bath hardware and your other layers of light fixtures.

While it’s not necessary for the style of sconces to match overhead fixtures, it’s best to keep them in the same finish family to maintain unity in the bathroom’s overall design.

Sconces Are a Best Bet

One of the best lighting options for the bath are side-mounted sconces. They put light right where you need it – toward your face while you’re looking in the mirror. There are a few installation tips to keep in mind, though.

– Mount the backplate of a vertical, tube-shaped fixture at eye-level.
– The shade opening of glass down-lights should sit slightly below eye-level.
– The shade opening of glass up-lights should sit slightly above eye-level.
– If your mirror is centered above the sink, mount fixtures just a few inches to the left and right of the mirror. It should be as close to your face as possible.


Whether you’re remodeling the bathroom or just giving it a facelift, look into your lighting. An extra layer or two might illuminate a whole new room.