Inspiring Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel!

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular investments for homeowners, and they have great return! We’ve got some ideas, via Mercury News, to help inspire your dream bath renovation!

Whether you’re setting your home up for a higher resale value or you simply want to make your mornings brighter, these remodeling ideas are sure to enhance both.

From the bottom up

If your bathroom is stuck in a previous era, start from the bottom and treat yourself to new flooring and walls.

There are now hundreds of new, affordable tile options for bathrooms. Wood grain tile, for example, is extremely popular. Other options include matte black tile, arabesques and octagons, and patterned tile that you can use as a sink backsplash and art feature.

Another quick and inexpensive way to change the feel of a room is paint. It’s a relatively easy DIY project, especially in such a small room, and makes an instant difference.

Rethink the sink

The vanity sink is the default focal point of the bathroom, so make the most of it!

The vanity can anchor your bathroom’s design because it is central to both your routine and the physical space. Updating this feature can be as simple as refacing the cabinets and as complex as ripping out the old for something new.

The main event

For an upgrade you’ll really appreciate, go for one of the room’s main purposes… the bathing area.

Standard showers and tubs are built for function rather than inspiration and relaxation. Updating or enhancing these features can transform your bathroom from a basic, functional room into an enjoyable retreat.

Some prefer a deep, freestanding soaker tub while others would ditch the bath entirely in favor of a large and luxurious shower. Whichever your preference, it’s an update worth the investment.

The icing on the cake

In the bathroom, like in life, sometimes it’s the little extra touches that mean the most.

There are other ways that bathrooms can evolve beyond the standard that are nearly invisible to the eye.

Consider the comfort of heated flooring or enter the world of bathroom tech.


Can you think of other ideas to inspire a dream bathroom remodel? Let us know in the comments!