Buyers Hate These Bathroom Trends

Before you remodel your bathroom, ask yourself why you’re remodeling. It matters.

If you’re designing a new bathroom for your own use, you can let your own tastes and requirements rule the day. If you’re upgrading or updating with an eye toward selling your home, you’ll want to make choices that appeal to potential buyers instead. We’ve got some tips, via, on trends buyers hate.


Minimalist style is visually striking, but not terribly practical for most people.

Everyone has stuff they need to store in the bathroom. Toothbrushes, blow dryers, lotions, extra toilet paper — you can stash it all away neatly, but first you need to make sure the storage space exists.

Cabinets, drawers, even shelves with baskets; a bathroom must have practical storage.

Wood Floors

Hardwood is the flooring of choice for most homeowners, and that trend has been continuing into bathrooms. But sadly, wood and water don’t mix.

A wooden bathroom floor is beautiful, but will not last. If you want the look, check into faux wood tile.


White on white on white in a bathroom has long been popular because it looks clean. But a spotless white bathroom is a lot of work.

White bathrooms may look fantastic the minute you finish cleaning them, but the rest of the time they’re difficult to keep clean. For most busy families, a white bathroom just isn’t a practical option, and homebuyers are taking notice.

Still, white bathrooms are top sellers, so break up the whiteout with color on the shower curtain and towels.

Double Sinks

Double sinks can go either way, really. In theory it allows two people to get ready at once. But who does it?

Over time, many home owners realize that double sinks sound good in theory, but in reality, they’d rather have the extra counter space than the option to brush their teeth simultaneously.

Don’t go out of your way to get rid of a perfectly good double sink. But when you do remodel, look into options like a single basin or a trough sink.


We’ve got more trends buyers hate to come! Stay tuned! And if there are bathroom trends that would break a sale in your book, let us know in the comments!