Give Your Bathroom A Weekend Makeover!

Dying to revamp your bath, but a major renovation just isn’t in the budget?

If you’ve got a free weekend, and a little elbow grease to spare, you can give the room a mini makeover! We’ve got tips from Intelligent Plastics, via Globe Newswire, that will help you find little changes that can make a big visual difference!

Crowning Touch

Add a crown molding to the bathroom! It gives the illusion of height, and brings a little drama to the room.

Moldings made with plastics are a great choice in bathrooms because they resist moisture, rotting and mold.

White on White

A bright white bathroom looks crisp and clean, and adds light to the room. But painting white on white can be hard on the eyes, because it’s difficult to tell where you’ve covered.

Try the new latex (a type of plastic) paints with special additives that actually roll on pink, allowing you to easily see your progress.  And then have fun watching it dry as the disappearing dye fades to reveal your shade of fresh white.

Fill in the Gaps

Unless you’ve got a one piece tub liner and surround (ahem), chances are there are gaps in your room.

Changes in temperature and humidity can cause cracks in the seams of your shower stall or around your bathtub as the walls expand and contract.

Use caulking or silicone sealer to fill in any gaps or cracks.

Cover Story

If your shower walls or floor are worn and dated, consider a luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

…LVT is thick and durable, looks like ceramic tile or marble, and is easy to install and maintain. It also cleans easily and doesn’t warp in a wet and humid bathroom.

A Better Way

Of course, there’s another option if you want a whole new look in just a couple of days. Call Bath Fitter for a new tub, shower, surround, and/or wainscotting! We can give you a better bathroom, in as little as just one day!