Get Back To Nature… In Your Bathroom!

We know what you’re thinking.

I just finished my turkey! I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet! And you want to talk about bathroom trends for 2018?!

Well… yes. Bathrooms are kind of our thing.

The bathroom has become a bigger part of life for most people, and we’ve transformed them into sanctuaries, our private place of escape and renewal.

Bathrooms are restful, Zen-like spaces, but there are strong trends making their presence felt.

Stuff reports that bathroom trends are getting back to nature. Materials like stone, timber, and metal (and simulations like faux-wood tile flooring) compliment a palette of neutral colors and rich earth-tone accents.

Stone and concrete vanities and basins are in demand.

“I particularly like the mineral-based vanity basins and tops, which are hardwearing, and noted for their sustainability and functionality. This surface is easy to keep clean and it always looks just like the day it was installed.”

Recent colors trends have included white (a lot of white!) and soft colors. That;s changing to reflect more earthen colors.

“…nudes and neutrals abound, the perfect backdrop to pops of rich colour in moody blues and botanical greens.”

And more plants are finding their way into the bathroom.’

“We are seeing a lot of greenery, including vertical gardens, introduced to bathrooms. Just like living spaces, there is a blurring of the boundaries between inside and out. Bathrooms often have large glass windows looking out to private courtyards – it can be one-way glass for privacy.”

“I think some people can get too hung up with what will date – everything will date eventually even when you play it safe. Playing it safe can mean you end up with a very ‘vanilla’, uninteresting interior. For clients who are a little scared, I suggest adding interest into items that are not permanent fixtures, such as good-quality towels, accessories, a pendant light shade or artwork.”

And remember… the most important trend for 2018, or any other year, is to make your bathroom yours. Have a little fun with it. After all, you’re the one who has to live with it.