Four Hot Bathroom Trends for 2018!

Feeling like your bathroom could use a little pick me up? We’ve got four hot bathroom trends from Better Homes and Gardens that will bring it up to date with style!

Take a chance on tile.

While all-pink bathrooms are probably a thing of the past, the thoroughly neutral palette is beginning to fade a bit as well. Rather than all-over tile, the trend is toward an accent wall.

Hexagonal mosaic tiles on a feature wall or on the floor are very popular while others are square but use colourful geometric patterns as the feature.

Warm with wood.

The vanity is a major focal point in the bathroom. Make the most of it by using wood to bring a warm feeling.

A bright gloss finish is a way to inject colour into the room, while timber adds warmth and character. Light-coloured timber suits a light and airy scheme like Scandi, while a darker timber is perfect for a bathroom with more mood.

You can add even more visual interest with a unique basin and hardware.

Master your metals.

Speaking of which, at one time it seemed like the options for bathroom hardware were brushed chrome, shiny chrome, or chrome spray paint over plastic.

Rose gold, matt black, antiqued and burnished brass have also hit the scene. Selecting other elements in the bathroom, like the lighting, in the same material helps unify the scheme.

And speaking of lighting…

Light it up.

Usually, the forgotten room when it comes to lighting, the bathroom is now one of the most thought out. The newest addition is the pendant light near the vanity.

A pendant light or grouping can also add a touch of atmosphere suspended above the soaking tub.


Do you have any favorite bathroom trends so far in 2018? Tell us in the comments!