Decisions, Decisions… More of What to Keep When You Remodel the Bath!

Bathroom remodeling is filled with difficult decisions, and sometimes the first ones are the hardest… like what to let go and what to keep! We shared some ideas with you recently, and now we’re back with part two, via The Recorder Online, to help you decide what to keep when you remodel your bath!

Tired of the tub?

We relayed the advice about what to do with your jetted tub – namely, get rid of it. But that doesn’t mean just ban the bath!

Think twice, or even three times, before you consign a cast iron, claw foot bathtub to the dump. This type of vintage fixture is likely to be harder wearing than any modern bath and never goes out of style.

The outside of a clawfoot tub can often be painted to match your other decor. And the inside, if it has seen better days, may be a candidate for reglazing.

Don’t get sunk at the sink!

Even if your sink is functional, it can be… well… less than ideal.

Who else hates it when the bathroom counter is a-slosh with water? After every. Single. Handwashing. Session. As part of your reno, do give a thought to solutions.

It may be as simple as a new aerator, or as involved as a new basin. Either way, the sink is something you use (hopefully, anyway) every time you use the bathroom. It’s deserving of an upgrade.

Mirror mirror, on the wall!

In the future, archeologists may be resigned to using our bathroom mirrors to determine the relative age of our homes. And it would work. Your mirror will date your bathroom faster than anything else.

Yes, 1980-1990 was a memorable decade, and it seems a lot of builders tried to immortalize the ’80s by installing those whopping great bathroom mirrors, usually topped by an array of Hollywood lights.

If you can’t do away with the dreaded mirror wall, try adding a frame or shelves to tone it down a bit!


Can you think of other items that should definitely stay – or go! – during a bathroom remodel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!