Clean the Bathroom!

Company coming? Of course that means you’re running late. And of course that means you’ll have to pick and choose between all the things you left until the last minute that you don’t have time to do now.

We’re not judging. We’ve been there.

Well, experts recommend that if you’re guests are coming and you’re scrambling to tidy up, you should focus your attention and effort on the most important room… the guest bathroom. We’ve got tips, via Lifehacker.

Away from the distractions of chatter and charcuterie, this is the one place in the house where your guests will be left in stillness, left to notice, left to silently judge. Yes, they will see that cobweb under the toilet, the one you’ve stepped around for the past seven months. Yes, they will look at the bits of mildew around the sink stopper. They will know that your crumpled hand towel hasn’t been changed in a while. They always know.

In ten minutes or less, you can easily clean this (usually) small room! Polish the mirror, sweep up any hairs (your guests do not want to see those), and switch out the toilet paper for a full roll. Oh, and change that hand towel!

Do you have a scented candle somewhere, one with a name like “Cozy By the Fire” or “Winter Wonderland”? Put that bad boy out. What about a little tray to place paper napkins in so your guests don’t have to touch the cooties of the their fellow dinner partygoers? Bring it. Oh, and loose seashells. It’s a known fact: A person who has a bathroom with loose seashells is a person who has their life together.

So skip the sink (which will have dirty dishes in it soon anyway), forget about the shoes near the front door, and get into that guest bathroom!

Hurry… they’re pulling up.