Clean Your Bathroom With A Trash Bag!

Many of us have felt like cleaning the house with a trash bag… Especially those of us with children. Sometimes the mess can get overwhelming!

But this isn’t advice from a frustrated homemaker. This comes from Remodelista, via Architectural Digest.

Just walk right into the bathroom with a trash bag and start having at your overly abundant collection of toiletries. (Really!!)

But what exactly should you throw out? (And no, the answer is not “all the things!”) They’ve supplied a list to get you started.

Expired Items

We feel like this one is a gimme. Go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of any expired and potentially less-effective medicines.


If you don’t love it now, you’re not going to like it later. And even if you are partial to it, give it a whiff. The changes in temperature and humidity in the bathroom can break down perfume and alter the scent over time.

Small Items

Samples or courtesy items left from hotel stays need to go. If you like them for traveling, put them in a suitcase or travel bag instead of the bathroom.


You do not need multiples of everything in the bath. One each of your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc will hold you. And if you like to keep a spare on hand (or you’re an extreme couponer), put your extras in a storage room and reclaim the space in your bathroom.

Actual Trash

We’ve all got a mostly-empty nail polish or rusted razor around… pitch ’em. Along with everything from worn emery boards to “panned out” cosmetics. And while you’re at it, get rid of any makeup you haven’t worn for awhile. Over time, it harbors bacterial growth.


Probably the last thing you’d expect on a list of what to throw away from the bathroom… which is why we’ve added them last. But you only need two bath towels per family member, and lots of wash cloths. Add in a few guest towels, and send the rest to the garage for drying the car.


Sometimes a clean, organized bathroom is mainly about getting rid of things you don’t need to reclaim the space you do! And if you have any tips along those lines, drop them in the comments and share!