Bathroom Remodel – DIY or OMG?

DIY bathroom remodels have been growing in popularity. With the many YouTube tutorials and “For Dummies” resources available, more and more homeowners are choosing to cut costs by tackling renovation projects themselves.

The problem with that is, if you DIWrong, you’ll pay a lot more in the long run to fix your mistakes.

Via Portland Business Journal, we’ve got some of the most common amateur mistakes in bathroom remodeling to help you make the best decision… namely, consider calling a pro.

Don’t Underestimate the Job

Before breaking ground, it’s critical to plan properly in terms of waterproofing, electrical elements, function and materials. The key is to be able to see the end result before the walls are even opened up.

You don’t want to have a partially deconstructed bathroom and realize your mental floor plan doesn’t work out in the actual square footage, or come across a decision you’d never even considered. A professional has the experience to explain situations before they arise and walk you through.

Don’t Underestimate the Cost

For example, many DIYers price out their tile budget based on the cost of tile itself, which makes sense, until you factor in the price of backer board, thinset, grout, bullnose, spacers, etc.

Again, a pro could warn you of these little extra costs (that add up!) before you ever choose a tile, giving you a more realistic idea of your price-per-tile range.

Don’t Underestimate the Red Tape

You need to make sure that any changes to your home are meeting all applicable codes and regulations. A trained expert will guide you through the process, making sure you avoid any hefty fines and expensive corrective work.

The short term savings of a DIY bathroom remodel are tempting… But they’re a gamble. You can avoid the risk by hiring a professional contractor, and know that you’re saving in the long run.