Bathroom Flooring Options – From Worst to Best!

Remodeling your bathroom brings a lot of tough decisions. Bath or shower? (Or combo?) What style of sink or vanity? Planning to paint? What color? Should you get new fixtures? Upgrade the toilet? (And is it worth the extra cost for self-cleaning?) How are you going to decorate?

And if that weren’t enough pressure, what are you going to do about the floor?

We can’t help with budgeting decisions, and many of the other choices are a matter of personal taste. But we can help with the flooring! We’ve got a two-part list, via Horizon Services, of bathroom flooring options ranked from worst to best!

Worst of the Worst

When it comes to bad choices for the bathroom floor, carpet is the worst of the worst. In fact, when we think of bathroom carpeting, two words come to mind.


All right, that’s only one word. But it’s the right word.

Thanks to a combination of moisture and heating, mold and mildew will thrive, making your floor constantly damp and giving the whole room a dank, musty smell.

That’s what your bathroom carpet really looks like, on a microscopic level. Would almost make you want a shower… if you didn’t have to step out onto the carpet.

What About Wood?

While wood floors are popular, and aesthetically pleasing, they aren’t a good choice for the bathroom.

Parquet and tongue and groove floors are particularly ill suited for a damp bathroom; excess moisture will eventually cause the wood to warp and crack.

Laminate stands up better on the surface, but water can get through the cracks and seams to gather in the under-layer of the flooring. Engineered wood may be serviceable in a powder room or rarely used bathroom, but it won’t stand up to regular use in a main bathroom.

Wood reacts predictably when exposed to moisture, and it will eventually warp and support fungal growth.


We’ve covered the worst options when it comes to bathroom flooring. Click here for part two, with the best choices for your bathroom floor!