2018 Bathroom Trends!

We talk a lot about bathroom trends, and one thing is sure… the more things change, the more they stay the same! In looking at the top bathroom trends from Houzz (via domain.com), we see a few new ideas mixed in with trends that have stood (so fat at least!) the test of time!

Spa-style is here to stay!

We’ve become addicted to self-care, and a spa style bathroom is the ultimate expression of that!

Santilli describes the day-spa-inspired bathroom as a “personal retreat with a touch of indulgence – a true place of escape”.

The trick is to go lush! Soft, fluffy towels and green plants, and natural (or faux-finish-natural) materials are a must.

Tip: Mounting the bathtub on a small platform will add another dimension to your bathroom and define the bathing area.

Make a statement!

In other words, rethink your sink.

Increasingly, designers are making a bold statement with vessel-style basins mounted on top of vanity benches.

Because it is used (hopefully) by every visitor to your bathroom, the sink is a focal point. Find a way to make the most of it, and use it to highlight this small space.

Basin styles range from delicate, floral-printed ceramics and jewel-toned glass, to rustic bowls crafted from natural stone.

Mirror, mirror

There’s more to the mirror than the person looking back at you.

Our reflections have never been so beautiful. “The traditional shaving cabinet is becoming a thing of the past, as designers transform the bathroom mirror into a work of art and make it the new focal point of the space,”

Big, art-piece mirrors are good, as are simpler options.

We’re also seeing a growing number of timber-framed mirrors recessed into the wall above the vanity, featuring an integrated open shelf. Recessed mirrors deliver an elegant, streamlined aesthetic, particularly when finished with a strategic combination of task and feature lighting.

More to come…

Stay tuned, because we have more 2018 Bathroom Trends to come! And let us know your favorites! Drop us a comment and tell us which trends you love – or hate!