More 2018 Bathroom Trends!

We’ve said it before… when it comes to bathroom trends, the more things change, the more they stay the same! In looking at the top bathroom trends from Houzz (via, we see a few new ideas mixed in with trends that have stood (so fat at least!) the test of time! We shared some previously, and here are a few more to check out!

Get smart!

Technology is everywhere, and the bathroom is no exception! Nowadays there are more smart items in the bathroom than just your phone!

We’re talking smart, sensor-activated toilets with self-cleaning functionality, seat warmers or night-lights, such as the Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet… and high-tech showerheads with customisable spray settings.

You can also get sound and light systems to enhance your bathing experience, and more!

There are also electronic mirrors with LED clocks, and magnifying mirrors with automatic de-misting functionality.

Admit it. De-misting bathroom mirrors are tech we’ve all been waiting for!

Heavy metal is back in style!

Metallics are back, in a big way.

“You can’t beat the classics,” says Santilli. “However, what we’re seeing is a whole range of different textures, shapes and tones in chrome, from brushed nickel and gunmetal grey to porcelain chrome coming through.”

Other tones are in as well, from oil-rubbed bronze to rose gold.

The right tapware also adds authenticity to the bathroom decor: brushed chrome or gunmetal will suit contemporary styling, while burnished brass is an on-trend yet sympathetic choice for more traditional bathrooms.

There are good reasons to choose your tapware last. It brings the whole room together.

Store with style!

There are things we tuck away in the bathroom because, while we certainly need them, we don’t want everyone looking at them. Fortunately, not everything falls into the hide-it-away category.

Put your individual style on display with baskets, towels, pretty planter pots and ornamental bottles. The key to making this look work? Keeping things tidy and not over-filling the storage nooks.

You don’t want that 12-pack of toilet paper sitting out like a design element, but you can store many personal items in a way that’s open and aesthetically pleasing!

But wait, there’s more…

Stay tuned for our final (for now) installment of 2018 Bathroom Trends!